Your Cheat Sheet to Social Media Graphics Sizes *Updated February 2020*

By Seth Sullivan on February, 27 2020
Seth Sullivan

Originally from Georgetown, South Carolina, I am a senior graphic designer for BrandMinded where I create visual elements, designs, and concepts that come together to represent messages, companies, and brands. Nicknamed “Dewey Decimal” by some, other things I'm known for include my love of chocolate milk, the Flaming Lips, and Battlestar Galactica. Suspected of raising pomegranate prices nationwide, my passion is for elevating the brand experience through unique, thoughtful, intuitive designs in print, online, and any future media to come.

Nothing looks worse or sloppier than an outdated, incorrectly sized social media graphic, but staying on top of the changing best practices can be challenging too.

Just think. In 2017, the ideal Facebook cover photo size was 820 x 462. But that’s just for a desktop computer. On a mobile phone, 640 x 360 of that cover photo would be displayed. So, you’d spend a good chunk of time designing something beautiful for desktop, that would just get awkwardly cropped on a mobile phone. And for customers looking at your business profile, it would just look thoughtless and unprofessional.


Now in 2020, while we have even more phone screen size variations than we did a few years ago, we know we can safely recommend different, ideal recommended sizes (be patient, those are coming up).


Getting into the nitty-gritty most of the guides you find online don't really tell the whole story - If the Facebook cover for desktop is 820 x 312 then the safe area for mobile is actually 556 x 312. I attached an image for this below:


The whole rectangle is desktop, but the orange area is only what you will see on mobile. So, the desktop graphic has to be designed so any important elements are within that mobile area.

But that’s just for a cover photo. What about the profile photo? Timeline photo? Facebook Event photo? And don’t get started with ads – carousel, instant articles, marketplace and more… these all have different recommended sizes that change frequently.


That’s why we’ve created a “cheat sheet” for 2020 – by social media platform. Scroll down to see the sizes broken down by platform and type of graphic. 


You can also download our EPS templates by clicking the button below to access Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter's size recommendations. *These templates were made with Illustrator CC 2020 - Please ensure you have the correct version or you may not be able to open them*

Download our Template - Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Facebook Graphic Sizes


Profile photo:

170 x 170

Cover photo:

820 x 312

Timeline photos:

1200 x 628

Event cover photo:

1920 x 1080


600 x 600

360 Photo:

6000 x 3000




Timeline photos:

1200 x 628

Right column photos:

1200 x 628

Instant articles photo:

1200 x 628

Marketplace ads photo:

1200 x 628

Facebook Stories:

1080 x 1920 (keep text within 1080 x 1420)

Carousel photos:

1080 x 1080


254 x 133




Twitter Graphic Sizes

Profile photo:

400 x 400


1500 x 500


1024 x 512

Summary card:

280 x 150




Website card:

800 x 418, or 800 x 800

App card:

800 x 418, or 800 x 800

Single and multi-image tweets:

600 x 335

DM card:

minimum width of 800



Instagram Graphic Sizes

Profile photo:

110 x 110


1080 x 566


1080 x 1350


1080 x 1080


292 x 292

Stories (portrait only):

1080 x 1920


LinkedIn Graphic Sizes

Company page sizes


Cover photo:

1536 x 768

Company logo:

300 x 300

Overview tab image:

360 x 120

Overview tab cover image:

1192 x 220

Life section hero image:

1128 x 376

Life tab custom modules image:

502 x 282

Life tab company photos image:

900 x 600

Square logo:

60 x 60


LinkedIn Ads


Company logo:

100 x 100

Spotlight ads logo:

100 x 100

Spotlight ad background image:

300 x 250

Sponsored content image:

1200 x 627




Profile photo:

800 x 800

Channel cover photo:

2560 x 1440


1280 x 720 pixels (HD)



Snapchat ads image:

1080 x 1920

Snapchat Geofilter image:

1080 x 1920





Profile photo:

100 x 100

Cover photo size:

900 x 300


1080 x 1920



Profile photo:

165 x 165

Pin image:

600 x 900

Promoted Pins:

600 x 900

Thumbnail of Promoted Pins (small):

69 x 69

Thumbnail of Promoted Pins (large):

216 x 146


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